Rosalie Garde

Ontario, Canada

as well as Emerging Artist and Life Coach​

(Pen Name Joy R. Calderwood)

A Mohawk College graduate in Office Administration/Secretarial Science, I assisted a number of top-level executives (mostly in the Mississauga/Greater Toronto Area) as an Administrative Assistant until leaving the paid workforce to focus on my family. 

I took Life Purpose Coach(r) training in 2006/07 and became certified as a Life Purpose Coach. I coached several women by phone while also providing showcasing services to a realtor.

Taking all I'd learned, I reached out to also edit or proofread remotely from where I lived in Winnipeg, MB. I was hired as an editor by a university professor for his scientific journal submissions and by several students whose professors had requested they find help so their work would be more legible for marking. 

I had written articles and the starts of books since my early 20s and, in 2009, sold my first article. I then applied to Constant-Content as a web content writer in 2010 and have since sold many articles and participated in product description work for a variety of clients.


I've since written ebooks and provided re-writing/editing work virtually. I'm available for the following.


Web Content Articles

Blog Posts

Product Descriptions



Life Coaching by email only.

For more information, please contact me at: [email protected]

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