Rosalie Garde

Ontario, Canada

(Pen Name Joy R. Calderwood)


If you are a small business owner, indie (self-publishing) author, student, or professional in need of having an article written or report copyedited, I may be able to help you. 

Consider me your writer and your "extra set of eyes." 

As a content writer, indie author (self-published on Kindle) and avid reader, I know how off-putting it is to stumble upon typos and grammatical errors in the non-fiction piece I'm reading. A simple edit could prevent simple errors. An experienced writer such as myself, may even help your book flow better, allowing the reader to get the point. 

I understand the reasons indie (independent) authors and 

small business owners don't always hire professional editors. 

It costs too much. It delays the project. It is discouraging to see the suggested edits. 

My service is for those who wish to bypass higher-priced professional certified copyeditors.

I am not a certified editor. I'm not interested to quote you the right Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) rule that applies to an edit.

I serve the ordinary person drawing on my years of experience working for others and for myself. 

My pricing is low, set at what I might pay myself.


Writing and copyediting is time-consuming work, but I'm passionate about doing both.

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